5 September 2017

Chignecto to Cavendish



Following the Bay of Fundy, east from River Beach PP to Fundy NP; is a short drive. Once there, we connected with our friend Charlie and his 'humans' for an easy hiking day. There are nearly 2 dozen hiking trails and 3 backpacking trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. This time of year the trails are much busier than they were a couple of years ago in September when we were here .

We camped at the Chignecto campground in the park. Sites are fairly clean and mostly private, all services are available, bath-houses and laundry are clean, hardwood firewood is kiln-dried and supplied with kindling and fire-starter. There is no WiFi and some sites are located close to the main highway that runs through the park.

Photos ... along the Dickson Falls trail and walking the coastline near Herring Cove

We'll take the most direct route out of New Brunswick; that will mean detouring north to get around Moncton then south then east ... TO ...



Driving northbound towards P.E.I. on the Confederation BridgeThe 12.9 km bridge is ... the ' World's Longest Over Water That Freezes. '

I Luv Canadian History


The Central Coastal Drive

From Borden-Carleton to Rocky Point


Ice Boat Service 

A National Historic Monument ...

" In Cape Traverse on Rte. 10. On December 19, 1827 a new mail service began from Cape Traverse across the icy Northumberland Strait to Cape Tormentine, NB. The ice boat was small, sturdy and fitted with runners so it could be used in water or on ice. Soon the ice boat became standard equipment for the service. With calculated daring, ice boat expeditioners conquered drifting ice and sudden storms to bring passengers and mails safely to land. Until the first car ferry ice breaker began duty in 1917, the Capes Ice Boat Service afforded the quickest and most reliable means of winter communication between Prince Edward Island and the mainland. "


A National Historic Site ... 

This location has the double distinction of hosting one of the first Acadian settlements in present-day Prince Edward Island, as well as the first military fortification on the island while under control of France as well as the first military fortification on the island while under control of Britain.
From 1720 to 1770 Port-la-Joye, later named Fort Amherst, served as the seat of government and port of entry for settlers to the island while under both French and British control. As such, it played an important role as a colonial outpost in the French-British struggle for dominance in North America. "

There are no buildings remaining today, the old fort is long gone. Today, this is a high, lonely, strategic site overlooking the city of Charlottetown ...


Photos ...  Victoria, PEI



We camped at the Cavendish Beach campground. Sites here are clean and privacy is fair, water and 30 amp, bathhouse cleanliness was alright, walking trails close by. Our Rogers WiFi hotspot connected with a strong signal.

Photos ... easy hiking at Cavendish Beach, Clarks Lane, Dunelands, Gulf Shore Way West (part)


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