6 June 2017

Our Rig

It's time that we published a post featuring a very important member of Our Team, meet ...


We purchased our Lance 855s truck camper in September 2013. We’ve camped with it, at some pretty spectacular locations with the intention of driving ' The Roads Less Travelled ' ... those places that most folks wouldn’t typically take other types of recreational vehicles to. You can read about all our road trips and overland travel (beginning in 1988) by clicking on LOAFin Around. As of June 2017, we’ve travelled over 66,000 kilometres with this current set-up. We purchased this truck camper because we were looking for a modest hard-side that we could take on rough roads that still had the features, capacities, and storage that we considered essential for an overland expedition rig.

The Lance 855s model matches our 2011 FORD F350 pickup truck quite well. The camper has an interior floor length of 8 feet, 11 inches and a width of 9 feet 8 inches with the slide out. Key features include a 60×80 full-size queen bed oriented north-south, a well-appointed kitchen, a full wet bath, a 30 gallon fresh water tank, and an adequate U-shaped dinette. The camper is solar powered with a 95 watt system, two 925 cca AGM deep cycle house batteries and is equipped with a 1500 BTU, 3-way (LP gas/120v/12v) absorption refrigerator. A four-season package is standard with this model; including dual pane windows, a dual stage 15000 / 22000 BTU propane fired furnace, heated water tanks, an insulated bed pad and insulated hatch covers. 

We’ve made several modifications and upgrades to both the truck and camper, to improve the rigs' capabilities for rough road driving, boon-docking and gear transport. These modifications and upgrades are further detailed below and on our Meet LOAF website/blog.


The Details and Outfitting for Our Adventure Truck


* 4 Season All Weather Package
* Actual Weight @ Scales 09/2016: GAWR 4519 (fr) + 8113 (rr) = 12262; 2 passengers, black & gray tanks empty, 2/3 fresh tank, 1/2 fuel tank, 2 kayaks, full gear closet, standard provisions
* Maximums
* Safety
* Solar
* Upgrades from OEM


Driving RangeMaximum - 135l @ 21l/100km, mostly loaded = * 640 kms
                                 Minimum - 135l @ 31l/100 km, mostly loaded = 435 kms
Total Height: Truck + Camper + Canoe = 12 ft 4 in (* 12' 8" / 3.86 metres)
Total Length: Truck front brush guard to camper bumper step = 23 ft 6 in (* 24' / 7.31 m)
Total Width: Truck mirrors and Camper slide extended = 10 ft 9 in (* 11' 3" / 3.43 m)


2011 FORD F350 4x4 CC SB SRW 

Specifications & Packages
Engine: 6.2L gas: 385 horsepower, 405 pounds-foot torque
Battery* DIEHARD 7000, 875 cca
Bed Length: 6.75 feet
Fuel Tank Capacity: 135 litres
Camper Package: higher front coil spring rate, additional rear helper spring, rear sway bar
Trailering Package: tow mirrors, REESE Class V receiver hitch
Trim Package: Lariat

Gearing: Standard ring and pinion
Hubs: ESOF auto and lock
Rear Differential: 3.73 electronic locker
Transfer Case: NVG271
Transmission: TORKSHIFT 6R140, six speed automatic

Weights & Suspension
Anti-Sway Bar (rear)* HELLWIG Big Wig
GVWR* 11000 pounds (weight with camper)
Registered Gross Weight: 7716 pounds (3500 kgs on drivers license)
Payload3284 pounds
Shock Absorbers* BILSTEIN Series 5100
Front Axle: DANA60, GAWR 6500 pounds max
Front Suspension: Mono beam (narrow front track), coil springs, stabilizer bar
GAWR Front Axle: 5200 pounds (* load w. camper: 4519 pounds)
Rear Axle: STERLING 10.5 inch, GAWR 9750 pounds max
Rear Suspension: Solid axle, 3-pack leaf springs, * SUPERSPRINGS SS13
GAWR Rear Axle: 7000 pounds (* load w. camper: 8113 pounds)

Tires & Wheels
Tires* (5) BRIDGESTONE A/T 275/70R18, 10+2 ply, Load Range E, 3594 pounds max 
Tire Height: 33.2 inches
Wheels: 18x8 alloy
Tire Pressure Loaded w. Camper: 65 psi front, 80 psi rear
Tire Pressure Unloaded: 60 psi front, 45 psi rear
Fender Flares: BUSHWACKER (max coverage unpainted)
Brakes: 4-wheel ABS vented disk, 14.29 inch rotors front and rear

Support Equipment

Cabin & Gear Closet
Backup Camera: VOYAGER WVOS511 digital wireless system, monitor & camera
Battery Booster Pack: MOTOMASTER Eliminator 1400 / 700 amps, w. air compressor #1
Dash Cam: SPYTEC G1W-C
Electronics PELICAN Case: COBRA Micro-Talk walkie-talkies, DELORME in Reach 2-way satellite communicator, GPS#1 GARMIN Montana 600 series, RADIO SHACK Marine Radio, VERIZON Mobil Hotspot, ROGERS Mobile Hotspot 
Fire Extinguisher (#1): ON GUARD
GPS (#2 & #3): GARMIN RV 760 MLT w. mount FORD My Touch
Inverter (#1): XANTREX Xpower 300 watts (small electronics 12v to 120v)
Vehicle Recovery Pack

Auxiliary Lighting: PIAA 520 ATP extreme white
Cargo Carrier: CURT
Front Bumper: RANCH HAND gravel and brush guard 
Rear Receiver Hitch: REESE Class V
Vehicle Recovery Duffel:


2013 LANCE 855S 4-Season Slide-In Camper

Weights & Dimensions
Dry Weight2984 pounds (OEM, standard equipment, water, propane, refrigerator)
Wet Weightvaries, depending on reason for and duration of trip, could be another 1000 lbs
Center of Gravity: 38 inches
Interior Cabover Length: 6 feet 8 inches
Interior Floor Length: 8 feet 11 inches
Interior Heights: Minimum 6 feet 5.5 inches, Maximum 6 feet 7.5 inches
Interior Widths: Minimum 7 feet 11 inches, Maximum, 9 feet 8 inches
Interior Footprint: 135 sq ft
Overall Exterior Length: 17 feet 8 inches

* Bed Pad: insulated
Garage Locks: entry door keyed, (2) single keyed, (2) COMBI-CAM cylinder locks
* Hatch Covers: insulated
Pocket Door: JOHNSON Hardware, 2610F series open pocket single door
Roof: BRITETEK by DICOR, Thermal Plastic Olefin
Roof Vent and Safety Egress: HEKI Skylight, sunscreen, privacy shade, escape vent
Slide-Out Dinette System: SCHWINTEK In-Wall, w. remote
* WallsAZDEL Thermoplastic Composite 
* Windows: dual pane, (1) *escape window

Air Conditioner: AIREXCEL 48000 series (runs on 15 amp 110 volt)
Fans: (2) Bedroom - 120v circulating, 12v circulating
* Furnace: ATWOOD 8500-IV series (hydro flame), dual stage 15000 / 22000 btu
Heater: LIKEWISE ceramic heater, 750 / 1500 watts, model 043-5877-2
Roof Vent: FAN-TASTIC VENT 12v ceiling fan

Barbeque Hookup: exterior
Microwave: HIGHPOINTE model EM925RWW, 900 watts, 1 cuft
Power Range Hood: VENTLINE 120v
Range/Oven: ATWOOD LP gas
Refrigerator: NORCOLD model N145/N150, 3-way absorption refrigerator, 1500 BTU

Black Water Tank: 25 gallons
Black Tank Flush: exterior
Fresh Water Tank: 30 gallons
Gray Water Tank: 20 gallons
Wash Station: exterior hand held
* Waste Water Tanks: All are insulated & heated
Water Filter: in-line
Water Heater: ATWOOD LP gas, 6 gallon tank, 8800 BTU
Water Pump: SHURFLO 4008 RV bypass pump
Winterizing Bypass Valve:

* Batteries: (2) EXIDE XMC-31C, Model AGM Megacycle 200, 925 cca, 1100 Marine crank amps, 200 amps Reserve capacity, 100 amp hour each
Battery Disconnect Switch*
Battery Separator: replaces battery isolator
Docking Lights:
Fuse Panel
Inverter (#2): MOTOMASTER Eliminator 500 watts (small electronics, 12v to 120v)
Power Distribution Center: PROGESSIVE DYNAMICS PD400
Power Protection: SURGE GUARD model 44260 by TRC, 30 amp 120 volt
* Solar Motion Detector Light: SUNFORCE model 82081, 80 led
* Solar Power System: (1) 95 watt JIAWEI Solar Panel, GOPOWER Solar Regulator model GP-PWM-30, BLUE SEA SYSTEMS SI series Automatic Relay model PN7610, Battery Separator, Power Converter 120v to 12v
Systems Monitor Panel: water pump, batteries level, water heater, fresh, gray, black tanks

Noise Filter: Q POWER, NF 15 amp
TV: JENSEN 1912LED, 19 inch
Radio/DVD/CD/MP3 Player: JENSEN AWM975, interior & exterior speakers
Weather Station: ACURITE model 00606 wireless thermometer

Support Equipment
Awning: CAREFREE manual
Barbeque: COLEMAN
Boat Racks: (2) YAKIMA - bars, towers, rollers and saddles for (two) kayak transport (1) Custom - single aluminium canoe bar at cab-over roof section
Bug Tent: 
Cabover Struts: LANCE
Camper Jacks: ATWOOD ACME and ball electronic screw jacks w. remote
Carbon Monoxide & Propane Leak Detector: SAFE-T-ALERT permanent installation
Fire Extinguisher (#2): FIRST ALERT Model KFE2S5A-6B
Gas Detector: STARKO acetylene, butane, methane (natural gas), propane
Propane: (2) 18.3 pound tanks, w. inline gas gauge
Rooftop Cargo Box: Boat accessories
Rooftop Cargo Tube: fishing poles, awning rod, handles
Smoke Alarm: FAMILY GARD model FG250A
Tiedowns & Turnbuckles: HAPPI JAC and QWIK LOADS w. locks and w. stabilizer bar

Camper Door Softcase: small tolls, gauges, sensors, cord
Rear Wall GarageCOMBI-CAM cylinder lock, SUPERFLO model hv-40a2 120 psair compressor #2, tool box, fasteners, liquids, adhesives, MASTERCRAFT 18v drill
Slideout GarageCOMBI-CAM cylinder lock, axe, saw, COLEMAN bbq, propane supply, firegrate, hose, mat


Under construction. This section will get thoroughly detailed ...

Biking : (2) MONTAGUE fold-down bicycles, day packs & panniers, helmets, clothing, tools & accessories
Camping/Overland Crossover: tent & bug enclosure, tarps, sleeping bags, camp sink, water filter/pump, bear spray
Canoe Tripping: Click here.
Computers: (2) PC & Mac, printer, accessories & supplies, website/blog support
Fishing: fly and spinning, rods & reels, tackle 
Hiking: boots, poles, day packs, clothing
Paddling: (2) DELTA Kayaks, paddle bag, gear bag, packs & barrels
Photography: cameras, bags, accessories
SCUBA & Snorkelling: certs, suits, regulator, computer, gear duffel


Trans Labrador Highway NL, Glacier Highway BC, Arctic Circle Crossing NT, Dempster Highway YT, Dalton Highway AK


More Photos
And, if you really have nothing better to do with your time, there are even more photos at LOAF's very own gallery ... A Chronology of Poses and Parts


Building a bullet-proof Adventure Truck Camper is an on-going process ...

There will be additional mods and upgrades, there will be on-going improvements and enhancements. We are currently preparing to drive the Dempster Highway extension between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk in 2018 ... we've identified a boon-docking requirement for increased solar, a Rotopax fuel cell would be more convenient as an auxiliary fuel container, Load Range-F 4000 lb + tires would be safer and a front Hellwig anti-sway bar and steering stabilizer would tweak and improve drive-ability and lessen driver fatigue... STAY TUNED!

LOAF ... wishing & hoping!

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