14 May 2016

BASECAMP 05.14.16 ... " Becoming Minimalists"

ALMOST to the day we returned home from our recent Cozumel, MEXICO trip ... I began making plans for the next adventure ... focus Yukon, NWT, BC.

BUT, at that time I had no idea how busy we would get over the next couple of months. In addition to all the usual springtime property chores that needed to be attended to and preparations for our upcoming road trip ... we sold our house, YAY! Now we need to scamper, pack up and move by May 30th and still try to maintain a mid-June departure date for this road trip.  

" This is also an opportunity for us to dramatically change our lifetstyle ... "

So, we're packing this chapter of our lives up ... we're throwing it away, giving it away, selling it, moving it and storing what's left. It's all quite invigorating! Every time another item leaves the property, a bit more stress leaves with it; that's just something else we don't need to think about, worry about, fix or maintain.  
We're not stuffocating any longer!

Our homes' rooms no longer have the appearance of being lived in, closets and shelves are now empty. The rooms have become temporary storage containers, items await transport to somewhere ... to our next basecamp?

The sale of our last venture ... " Kanoe Lane on Tim's Lake " marks the end of our joint second careers. Over a period of 42 years, we have renovated, designed, built and/or acted as general contractors on seven properties; 2 rentals and 5 that we owned. Now is our time ...

Carol and Shawn, the new owners may just be better suited to this home and the lifestyle it provides, than we are. They will make wonderful advocates as the new resident naturalists and they are eager to take over stewardship of the property and its' adjoining wetland. They aren't as interested in wandering the globe as we are and they have a larger, extended family that will share and enjoy their new home for years to come. We couldn't have found two people that are better suited to living here, had we looked ourselves. We are extremely pleased to be handing ownership over to such a delightful couple. And I think they're pretty happy too!

A set of keys and a $20 bottle of wine exchange hands ... a New Chapter begins.

Crustys' ... Last Report from Tim's Lake

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