16 February 2015

Seeing Things: Part 1 - SIGNS

Location: Naples, FL, USA
We are very fortunate that we are retired and have the time to look around us, observe and enjoy what the world and life has to offer. 

There are so many interesting (and funny) things going on that it is often easy to miss them.
When you are working and you squeeze in a two week vacation, you tend to focus on 'the vacation' and can miss the subtle things happening around you.  You see the beach, the waves, feel the sun, the sand, but miss the small child digging a moat for a sand castle or the elderly couple walking hand-in-hand, barefoot, tanned, wrinkles and all.

This winter we have had time to relax.  We bike, walk, swim, sit back and observe.  Life is uncomplicated, you have a very small house to maintain, gourmet meals are not expected, you hop on a bike to pick up some groceries and it's OK to wear the same clothes 3 days in a row (undies excluded, of course).

During our travels we have seen things that have made us chuckle, made us wonder or made us sad.  Most of the time I wished I had a camera to capture the moment, but if I had, we might have missed it.

Signs - Have you noticed how some signs make absolutely no sense at all, or make you re-read them as you struggle to understand what the intention was?  Some reactions are immediate, some you have to sit back and think about.  Here are a few that we have encountered that made us chuckle or wonder about.

The sign for the 'no firearms' was on the door to the Capital Theater in Clearwater, Florida.  The theater searched all of the women's purses but never touched the men. First time there they took my bottle of water from my purse and then proceeded to charge $4 to replace it.  Next time, I had Crusty carry my water in his pocket - no problem!

Saw these signs that left us scratching our heads????

Some towns love to boast their 'claim to fame'.  

Sponge capital of the 'World', which caused Crusty to ask "Is This The Home of Sponge Bob"?  I think Tarpon Springs needs a new sign.

Chama, New Mexico had a very unique and catchy sign.

Originally, my intention was to write a short blog about the sights we have enjoyed.  As I searched through our piles of photos, I quickly realized that there was too much to include in one blog. So, I  have decided to do a series on the wonderful things you see while travelling.  

Next in the Series: Seeing Things: Part 2 - PEOPLE

                                                                                                                                                                WRY ... Signing off 


  1. Very funny and entertaining! I'll be waiting for the next one!

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, working on number 2 already!


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