20 February 2013

The Pelicans, Amelia Island, FL, USA

The Short Version: ... beaches, nearby state parks, historic homes, vintage cars, mangrove paddling, military forts, walks & hikes, street musicians, pioneer villages, some culture, nice restaurants.

Impressions: This trip completes several now, that we have made with Earl. He’s just an ‘easy to get along with guy’ - keeps the same hours as we do, he’s mostly undemanding, he’s interested in local culture and contributes whenever and however he can. His only downside being, ... a firm belief that dessert (particularly ice cream) ... is a recognized food group.

We welcomed visits from both sides of the family during our stay here. Helen’s sister Sue and my brother Tom and sister-in-law Peggy all stayed, at different times, for close to two weeks. We enjoyed them all! 

Amelia Island is not large, 21 kilometres long by 6 kilometres wide. We were located on the central, east shoreline, about 10 minutes, by car from the old, historic downtown district.

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