8 March 2010

Sandals Royal Hicacos, Veradero, CUBA

Diving The 'Bay of Pigs'

Synopsis: This was our third trip to CUBA and our most enjoyable. We found the time went faster on this adventure than in any other 'southern' country we've visited. Unlike our first trip to CUBA, in 2005, we didn't do much travelling around this time - most days were spent laying around the pools, reading and walking along the beach. 

We did two SCUBA diving and snorkelling day trips across to the Caribbean side of the island and spent half a day wandering around Varadero. The drive is 2 hours each way. Diving directly in front of the resort is 'hit and miss', winds can be strong along Varadero Beach. The resort package included free dives and equipment - small fee charged when we travelled to the Caribbean sites. The dive gear was not always adequate ... several cases of flakey regulator O-rings. This is not a PADI operation and consequently a number of safety regulations were not adhered to ... recommended interludes between dives was sometimes ignored, new divers were taken far deeper than their certifications allowed.

The resort appears to absorb clientele well, nothing ever seems crowded, average age is older, noise levels are low, 400 rooms. There are 3 restaurants and  main buffet here, all mostly good. Several fish and meat selections always available, breads surprisingly good, some salad bar repetition, fruits sometimes disappointing, great pasta and omelet bars, coffee weak unless you requested Cuban, Spanish/Chilean/Italian wines, simple cooking - few sauces, great use of natural herbs and flavourings, fresh orange juice daily, amazing blue cheese, deserts not overly sweetened, fabulous homemade ice creams.

Veradero CUBA Photography
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