19 March 2009

INSTRUCTION: PADI SCUBA Certification: Henry Morgan Resort, Roatan Is., HONDURAS



Wikipedia: HONDURAS

Why didn't someone tell me about this 30 years ago? I would have started diving then! It's like being in a giant fish-tank ... what a natural high! 

The resort was OK!, it was just fine, not mediocre or exceptional. Jorge, the head waiter is very personable and willing to please as are most of the restaurant staff members ... Lenny, Alicia, Geovany. A beautiful beach ... 3 km long, fairly flat, mostly white powdered sand. We walked it several times each day. The resort is within walking distance of a couple of small villages with bars, restaurants, small shops, nearby resorts and condos for rent. We had some nice meals at a couple of local restaurants in the villages of French Harbour and West End ... @ Casa Romeo, Eagle Ray's and The View. Roatan is a cruise ship port, so a few times a week, the beach gets overrun with fat, flabby, obnoxious, sunburnt, 'float and bloaters'. The resort wine (was) mediocre and the food reasonably well-prepared but unvaried. Apparently, those who work in the tourist industry on the island are payed 5X's the amount for similar jobs on the mainland (CDN $13-$16/hr). Lots of wildlife, most in a natural state, few zoos, primarily wildlife retreats and parks. We also did some sailing on the Calypso Lady with Caption Mario a transplanted Cuban.

PADI Dive Shop: TGI Diving
Dive Instructors: Ernesto & Sergio
Certification Level: SCUBA Diver
Dive Sites: Lighthouse Reef, Blue Channel

Roatan Island HONDURAS Photography       
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