2 March 2008

Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Jardines del Ray, CUBA

Location: Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Jardines del Rey, Cuba
A Favourite Country

We felt isolated at this resort and for that reason alone, we would probably not return. I would recommend it to others though – it ranks quite high when we compare it to all the others we've stayed at. It’s a perfect location for anyone who doesn't need to do any tours or leave at all. The closest towns are back on the mainland – a journey back across the 48 km causeway. Most activities are focussed on the resort. Any tours that leave the resort are for full days or in some cases multi-day. We weren't able to travel the Cuban countryside or visit the small towns and villages like we did in 2003 because of our isolation.

The Cubans love Fidel. I went out of my way to respectfully talk with several of them. Most want this new government but they want changes to occur slowly and expect that Raoul will only be around for a couple of years. I was told that they will fiercely protect their culture against what they perceive as too much Westernisation. 

Crusty ... 'Viva la Revolucion'

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