9 April 2006

Isla de Margarita, Neuva Esparata State, VENEZUELA

Location: Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Wikipedia: VENEZUELA

This trip marks our first time in South America, although barely. This was a typical resort based vacation. We were quite idle, didn't move around much and to be fair we never got more than a brief tasted of the culture of Margarita Island, let alone any exposure at all to the mainland of Venezuela. Only the Dominican Republic was explored earlier than this island (Simon Bolivar landed here 2nd) and yet there is hardly any evidence of 500 year old Spanish history.

The island doesn't have much to offer other than nice weather and decent beaches. Most of the land is arid and uninhabitable; a couple of larger cities are located along the southern coast. The Atlantic coast is to treacherous for paddling, the topography doesn't appeal to hikers and the only biking is along major highways. Catamaran cruising, some snorkelling and jet ski touring appear to be the favourite water activities.

I don't think I'd return to the island. Even though we were pleased with our resort stay, sincerely enjoyed the local Venezuelans and the weather was terrific, there just isn't enough for us to to remain active.

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