6 Jul 2004

Canoeing the Petawawa River, ON: Cedar Lake > McManus Lake

Location: Cedar Lake, Algonquin PP, ON, CANADA
Partner: Laird
Private Vehicle(s): Kanata > Cedar Lake, Algonquin PP, ON
Tandem Canoe: Cedar Lake > McManus Lake, PETAWAWA R., - CII+ / CIII, 8 days, 89 kms
Private Vehicle(s): McManus Lake, Algonquin PP. > Kanata

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I was hired by PMH Outdoors to teach flatwater paddling skills with Pat Hawkins at Camp Otterdale in Lombardy, ON. After that job I was to connect with a number of DND personal who were completing an Adventure Training course on the Petawawa. I took one of the trainees in the bow of my canoe. Bruce Hawkins was leading the group. 

PETAWAWA 2004  Photography
Crusty ...

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