25 August 2004

Canoeing the Dumoine River, PQ: Lac Benoit > Driftwood Provincial Park

One of the Better Whitewater Training Rivers

Partner: Greg Fox
Private Vehicle: Kanata > Deep River > Driftwood PP, Ottawa R., ON
Bus Shuttle: With Wanapitei CANOE from Driftwood PP > Lac Benoit, DUMOINE R., PQ
Tandem Canoe: Lac Benoit > OTTAWA R. confluence > Driftwood PP - CII+ / CIII, 5 days, 64 kms.
Private Vehicle: Driftwood PP > Perth & Kanata

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As guides for Wanapitei CANOE, Fred Ingram and I took a small group of paddlers down this section of the DUMOINE river.

Excerpt from KANOE TRIPPERS Adventure Journal:
" This is a very pretty river. It is quite narrow and intimate throughout most of its' drop to the Ottawa River. The Dumoine plunges 500 feet down the rocky, granite margin of the Laurentian Highlands, flowing 90 kms south out of Lac Dumoine and emptying into the low lying Ottawa River Valley. We paddled a little over 60 kms by entering just above Lac Benoit. The river is interspersed with picturesque lakes and framed by steep-sided, pine covered hills. For most of its' length the river traces a path of rapids and falls, over 30 sets can be run at most times of the season. "
DUMOINE 2004 / Ottawa  Photography
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