29 April 2004

INSTRUCTION: ORCA CT Instructor Level 2 Certification: La Verendyre PP, PQ

A Certification

Partner: Fred Ingram
Private Vehicle: Kanata & Perth > Bear Creek
Accommodation: Bear Creek Outdoor Centre, Campbell's Bay, Quebec
Director: Jill Baxter
Instructors: Shawn Hodgins, Francis Boyes
Shuttle: Driver Mike from Bear Creek > La Verendyre PP put-in @ Lac Fusel and return
Route: Lac Fusel > Lac Fabrezan > up Riviere de Rapids > Lac Poulter > south end Lac Poulter > Lac Jean Pierre > Lac Richet > Lac Antostagen > Take-Out @ Secondary Road #20
Tandem / Solo Canoe(s): La Verendyre PP lakewater trip, PQ - flatwater, 5 days, 43kms
Certification Obtained: ORCA Canoe Tripping Instructor Level 2
Private Vehicle: Bear Creek > Kanata & Perth

We spent a couple of days at base camp participating in formal presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. At some time during the 9 days, each of us was tasked with a formal theory presentation, and an on-the-trail teach. We were then shuttled to reserve Faunique La Verendrye for a 5 day canoe trip. During the canoe trip we were responsible for acting as Leader and Navigator at separate times for at least one leg of the trip. After our return we had a couple of formal written examinations that were followed up with a private meeting with the instructors and a summary of our abilities. As successful candidates we were also presented with the ORCA certifications at this time. 

Definitely the best Outdoor Education course I have ever attended. The base camp facilities, lodging and meals were very good. The course directorship and instruction was top notch. The choice to trip in La Verendrye was a good one. Guest speakers for a couple of the presentations were experts in their respective fields. The group was co-operative, friendly, helpful and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course.

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