4 January 2004

Royal Decameron and Gamboa Rainforest Resorts, PANAMA

Mucho, Mucho Sol ... Mucho, Mucho Calor

We only saw a small part of this country in the two weeks we were here. Even though we were in three Provinces, we barely entered Cocle and Colon. The heat and humidity at the time of year we were here is very oppressive. Sizzling hot, temperatures ranged between the low 30's to low 40's C and the humidity was typically between 80 and 90%. 

The highpoint of the trip was birdwatching along the Pipeline Road. During the couple of hours that we walked the road, we saw more species of birds and mammals in one day than we had ever seen before. 

The Decameron Resort is located on the former site of a major army base (Rio Hato) for the Panama Defence Forces. Manuel Noriega used this as a vacation home and a major airstrip ... we visited.

The Gamboa Rainforest Resort is located along the Chagras River near the confluence with the Panama Canal ... we also visited. 

PANAMA Photography
Crusty ... 

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