21 September 2002

Backpacking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Killarney PP, ON

One of Ontario's' Premier Trails


Direction: Clockwise from Baie Fine Trailhead > Lumsden Lk > Three Narrows Lk > Little Mountain Lk > Silver Lk >Little Superior Lake > George Lk > Silver Peak Trailhead
Days: 7.5
Average Daily Distance: 13 kms
Total Distance: 98 kilometres

I have wanted to do this backpacking trip since I first paddled in Killarney with Helen a few years ago. As the brochure states, one of only a few wilderness parks in Ontario, Killarney Provincial Park offers a window into some of the finest back-country canoeing and hiking in Canada. Killarney's exceptionally scenic landscapes are noted for exposed white rock cliffs and crystal lakes. At it's southern edge, Killarney hugs the north shore of beautiful and wild Georgian Bay. Killarney hosts warm summers, crisp, cold winters, spectacular autumns and fresh spring days. 

It was a good hiking trip on a truly beautiful trail that offers a very wide variety of hiking interest. We encountered cool, dark quiet conifer forests and high, windy rocky mountain ridges and knolls; warm, hardwood valleys with meandering trails, and wet, musty marshes and gurgling creeks. The grade included some flat sections that sometimes undulated gently, areas where the 'ups and downs' seemed to go on forever and a few places where very steep ascents and descents dominated the landscape. The geology was both ancient, smooth and weathered and rough, sharp and hard. All the colours are here - earth tones, forest greens and the many shades of fungi and wild-flowers, the 'gray palette' of rock and the blues and aquas of water. Sweet smells of flowers, pungent smells of animal musk and rotting vegetation and the intriguing odours of wild herbs. The tangible appeals of nature ... sight, touch, smell. 

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