22 August 2001

INSTRUCTION: ORCA Canoe Tripping Level II Certification: Canoeing the Missinaibi / North French / Moose Rivers, ON

A Certification

Designation: MISSINAIBI is a Canadian Heritage River
Canadian Heritage Rivers: MISSINAIBI
Put-In: Peterbell Sched Stop 
Solo & Tandem Canoes: Missinaibi River - CIII, 19 river days, 443 kms
Experience: Intermediate moving water skills are required to negotiate rapids CII and greater, there is some lengthy portaging and the area is an isolated wilderness
Take-Out: Moose River Crossing
Certification By: White Wolf Expeditions
Instructor: Jeff Zuchlinski
Course: ORCA Wilderness Tripping II
Photography: Scanned analog

MISSINAIBI  Photography

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