14 July 2001

KAYAKING: Pukaskwa Shoreline, Pukaskwa National Park, Lake Superior, ON

Location: Hattie Cove, Pukaskwa National Park, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
Paddling On The World's LARGEST Freshwater Lake

Route: Hattie Cove > Michipicten Harbour, Lake Superior, ON
Paddlers: Karen, Gerry, US
Duration: 13 days on the water
Description: The section we paddled is said by many kayakers to be the best on Lake Superior, if not all of the Great Lakes. 175 kms of road-less wilderness, clear turquoise waters, wonderful sand beaches and several white-water rivers with spectacular waterfalls.
Photography: Scanned analog

From Superior - Journeys On An Inland Sea, by Gary and Joanie McGuffin
"Superior is the most expansive lake on Earth. Its' area of 32,000 square miles (82,000 square kilometres) would cover the province of New Brunswick with room to spare, or the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts combined. A rock dropped into the water over the lakes' deepest spot would sink 1,330 feet (450 m) before coming to rest on the bottom. Superiors' enormous size can also be described by its volume of water: 3,000 cubic miles (6,500 cubic kms), enough to cover the North and South American continents a food deep. A drop of water entering Superior from rain clouds or rivers can circulate the basin for 200 years before it flows down the St. Mary's River at Sault Ste. Marie. More than 200 rivers flow into it, but the St. Mary's is the only one flowing out. The coastline is nearly 2,000 kilometres long and if you add to that, the shoreline around all its' islands, the total distance is closer to 3,000 kilometres. It creates its' own weather patterns, establishing rules about the ebb and flow of seasonal life. Its' sheer size deters crossing by hawks, eagles, ospreys and falcons, who prefer to fly the eastern and western shores during fall migrations."

Pukaskwa NP Photography

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