19 August 1999

Backpacking the Itijjagiaq Trail, Katannilik TP, Baffin Island, NU

Location: Iqaluit, NU, Canada
Katannilik Traverse - Exploratory

Hikers: Wendy Grater (guide, Blackfeather), Sally Manning (guide), Karen Tippett, Gerry Irving, US
Pack Weights: Helen 56 lbs, Dann 86 lbs (From scales prior to trek). Everyone carried equivalent amounts.
Location: Katannilik Territorial Park
Photography: All from K&G. scanned analog
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Publicity: Our trip was featured as article " Meta Incognito " by Sally Manning, Up Here Magazine, April 2000

14 water crossings
water temperature near -5C
ambient air temperature -5 to +10C
days 1, 8, 10, 14 without precipitation
days 5 - 7, 11 with snow, sometimes heavy
elevation gain sea level to 2050 feet
daily distance range 5 to 17 kms
total distance hiked 127 kms

This was a good trip. It was our first extended backpacking trip and I believe it was a success. We both realized our physical limitations a couple of times and there was some pain, but it was all survivable. I don't believe this kind of trip could be completed without some discomfort, and we had our share ... but, somehow it was appropriate! We got to endure for a couple of weeks in a true wilderness area some (at times) quite difficult weather conditions and adverse terrain. The hiking was both physically demanding and mentally challenging. A lot of the words we are familiar with to describe the outdoors in more southerly parts of the country just don't make sense up here ... this is an area of Canada where superlatives like brutal, savage, stark, barren, spectacular, wild should be used. And, we made some great new friends!

Itijjagiaq Trail Photography

Crusty ... toughest trip I've ever done!

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