1 July 1999

INSTRUCTION: Canoeing the Dumoine River, PQ: Lac Robinson > Stonecliff, ON

Location: Lac Robinson, Laverlochère, Quebec, Canada
Our FIRST Whitewater Course

Private Vehicle: Kinburn > Des Joachims, PQ
Bus Shuttle: Des Joachims with Blackfeather > Lac Robinson, DUMOINE R., PQ
Course: Blackfeather Canoe Clinic
Instructors: Kristen Hayes, Scott, Jamie Gupthill, JF Carrey
Tandem Canoe: Lac Robinson > Dumoine R. > Stonecliff, ON - CII+, 4days, 30 kms.
River Speed: 5-7 kms/hr
Private Vehicle: Stonecliff > Kinburn
Certification: ORCA Level 1A

Our first day was spent travelling to camp and setting it up, we arrived late. Second day we practised a number of strokes at a set of CI where the Dumoine empties into the lake. On the third day we shuttled further upriver a few kilometers in the van. We ran a CII just below Le Grande Chute and then continued downriver through several more sets, ending back at Lac Robinson and camp for the night. On the final day we paddled out about 25 kms more, running a dozen sets of rapids; CI > CII+ ... never dumped.

DUMOINE Photography

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